Field Skills for Camerawork

15 September 2018, 10:00 ( Add to calendar )

Each session will cover:

 • What are field skills?
• The power of using of field skills in the application of camerawork.
• What camera?
• Getting to know your patch.
• Lay of the land and light - knowing your East and West.
• Recognising seasonal changes, routines, cycles and habitat - and preparation for them.
• Basic tracks and signs.
• Active or Passive Camerawork?
• Being acutely aware of 'the moment'.
• Knowing your subject - the jizz, pre-empting and planning.
• Ethical use of lures and some luring techniques.
• Clothing and movement.
• Hide's - natural, bought and positioning.
• Composition
• Turning 'record' shots into something more.
• Depth of field.
• The 'low' down - benefits of good positioning.
• Using social media for your own benefit.
• Gentle walk to apply some elements 'in the field'.

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